Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC takes responsibility for the environmental, safety and occupational health of our ships from the drawing board to the end of the recycling process. Our vessels are designed and built with materials that allow for a high recycling ratio. Normally, our vessels are sold at an early point in their service life.

However, we still have comprehensive procedures for environmentally and socially responsible ship recycling. In 1997, we started a new project called ?Ship-recycling? to replace the previous process of ship scrapping. Due to the many environmental problems and the very dangerous labour situation present at conventional ship-breaking yards, specifically in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, we developed an environmentally friendly process of ?Ship-recycling?.

The recycling facilities used are amongst the best in the world, with the necessary facilities, equipment and procedures for ensuring full compliance with national and international standards, as well as what is expected to become future international requirements.

The first stage of the recycling process is a thorough four-week cleaning programme, where all materials are treated with extreme care, and the pathway mapped out for any hazardous materials handling required.

If there is any doubt about whether materials are hazardous, the dismantling activity will take place as though they were until proven otherwise. During demolition, the health, safety and environment performance is supervised and, after demolition, a certificate of recycling is obtained.

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