Refrigerated Cargo

Royal Gulf Sipping & Logistics LLC is thriving on the combined experience of legacy Japanese shipping companies, with a strong focus on schedule integrity and on time performance which are critical for the transportation of refrigerated cargo segment. Being the third largest, young and state of the art reefer fleet in the world, we provide the best in class reliable “cargo care” with optimized services to meet our customers’ diversified needs.

Whether avocados and bananas from South America, chilled/frozen meat from North America/Oceania, citrus/grapes from South Africa, dairy/wine from Europe or fresh fruits/vegetables in Intra Asia trade – whatever your product is or wherever your market is around the world, Royal Gulf Sipping & Logistics LLC  has the unmatched legacy experience and technical expertise, to bring your valued cargo to the market in perfect, freshest condition.

As a leading carrier in refrigerated cargo segment, it’s our continuous endeavor to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the perishable cargo industry. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest service quality and utmost care to preserve freshness of perishable cargo which we carry in our reefer containers.

At Royal Gulf Sipping & Logistics LLC, we understand that reefer cargo requires a high degree of expertise and careful handling to preserve cargo freshness and extend shelf life, especially for perishable fresh fruits and vegetables segment. Providing you with best in class reefer containers, equipped with cutting edge latest technologies, is our top priority.

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