Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC is a PAKISTAN owned and operated company, specializing in International Freight Forwarding, by way of ocean, air, rail and truck freight. Offering service in FAR EAST & GULF. Since its inception in 1999, Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics LLC has become one of the leading and most diversified Freight Forwarders.

As a team, our combined, multilingual staff can draw on a cumulative and extensive “100 years Plus” record on international experience in transportation & logistics. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none. We want you, our satisfied customer to be our first line of advertising.

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Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics’s  team takes care of all your logistics.


Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics is committed to protect, conserve and improve the environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, make sure your supplier overseas (on imports) or if you are the supplier for an export shipment, creates all of the necessary documents correctly (packing lists, commercial invoice, original bill of lading-OB/L) and in a timely fashion, so that all documents are provided with the necessary banks and sent to you (the importer) or your buyer-consignee on the B/L (if you are the exporter) at least 1 week before cargo arrives the destination so that everything can be processed through customs ahead of schedule and freight can be paid along with presentation of the original B/L. One factor that usually slows this process down is when there is discrepancies between the buyer and supplier and since the goods are not paid for, the OB/L has not been surrendered by the Supplier to the Consignee (buyer)

We have 5 tips for you.

Tip #1: Save container transport cost by preparing to load your container in less less than 2 hrs.
When the driver shows up to your site, the first 2 hours are included in your fees. We recommend staffing up and preparing in advance to load the container as quickly as possible to avoid overtime charges.

Tip #2: Prepare Shipping Container Contents for Extremes
Containers are subject to extreme conditions. There are wild swings in temperature and humidity inside the container – they go through the Panama Canal and sometimes around the Cape. Containers are subjected to triple digit heat and humidity to sub-zero temperatures while in storage or in transport.

Tip #3: Carefully Declare ANY Organic Cargo
Plants, Edible Plants, Vegetables and Fruit are all treated differently depending on the origin and destination of the shipment. If customs finds any undeclared organic cargo, the can quarantine your container and charge you daily holding fees.

Tip #4: Properly Insure Your Cargo
Plan for “attrition”. All of the contents don’t always make it all of the time.
There will be some “attrition” – containers get inspected, sometimes by unscrupulous dock/deck hands…this isn’t REALLY considered stealing, as the items in transit, technically are the property of the shipping company*. See our blog entry on securing, insuring and properly declaring your container contents to manage risk of inspection, suspicion, mistakes and “attrition”.

Tip #5: Understand that Freight Forwarding is both an art and a science.
Many companies and handlers are involved in moving your container, here are just a few possible examples: Trucking company(ies) outbound (your door to the port of origin or train yard), Crane Operations transferring container from truck to train, and train to ship. That’s just to get the container to the ship, then the reverse happens on the other side…it’s a REALLY rough ride, even in good weather.

 Yes, we have receiving warehouse near all major airports. Please let us know your cargo location and we will advise you the closest receiving warehouse.

We will provide you with the necessary paperwork for custom clearance, once custom is done, you can go to the warehouse to pick up the cargo. We also advise you to check with destination custom prior to shipment departs, just to make sure if there’s any special rule & regulation at destination for certain commodities

 Ship only the most important items, pack in as small of a box, crate or pallet as possible. If you can route from/to a major hub (JFK, LUH, BJS) instead of a smaller airport, this may help to lower your freight rate.

Catch Up With The Latest News

Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics. has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Liaoning Airport Management Group Co., Ltd. with a view to developing Shenyang Taoxian International Airport as a regional cargo hub.

The agreement was signed by De Jia Wang, chairman of Liaoning Airport Management Group Co., Ltd. [front left in photo], which owns Shenyang Airport, and Tony Cho, managing director of HDHL [front right in photo], after a visit to Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 in Hong Kong.

According to Hactl, Shenyang is targeting the development of cool chain and pharma traffic.


“We are delighted to be working with our friends at Shenyang on their exciting plans, and supporting their ambitious growth strategy,” said Mark Whitehead, chairman of HDHL. “Cool chain logistics is an area of particular expertise at Hactl, and we have much experience and knowledge to share with our new partners.”

Shenyang Airport will initially focus on market analysis, while HDHL will provide guidance on design, construction and operation of new facilities.

The single-runway airport’s cargo terminal is a joint venture between the airport, China Southern Airlines and Sinotrans, handling cargo for China Southern, Shenzhen Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Spring Airlines, China Postal Airlines and SF Airlines. It handled approximately 142,000 tonnes of cargo in 2015, according to Hactl.

Tideworks Technology has announced that Ceres Terminals has gone live with its Mainsail Vanguard TOS in New Orleans.

Ceres operates New Orleans Terminal LLC in a joint venture with Mediterranean Shipping Company at the Napoleon Avenue Terminal.

The terminal currently handles around 165,000 containers per annum and operates with on-dock rail.

Mainsail Vanguard will be delivered under a SaaS (Software as a service model), and replaces an in-house TOS based on an Advent application. New Orleans Terminal becomes the second in the Ceres network to go live with Tideworks’ software.

“The Port of New Orleans is very busy port complex at the centre of important international trade lanes, so our terminal must operate smoothly and efficiently in order to manage the high volumes of traffic,” said James Parker, vice president of Ceres Gulf New Orleans. “Tideworks delivered a comprehensive, high-quality solution and we’re confident it will help us operate more efficiently. We’re very pleased with the work they’ve done and the outstanding customer service the Tideworks team provided throughout the implementation process.”

Ceres has deployed Tideworks’ core TOS Mainsail Vanguard application and its Spinnaker Planning Management System.

In addition, Tideworks implemented Traffic Control, which allows for dynamic control of container handling equipment and electronic dispatching of work orders, and Forecast, its web portal for communication with trucking companies, shipping lines, and other parties.

Tideworks also integrated with the terminals existing gate automation system, from smart-Tecs, and added an appointment system for trucking companies. In addition, Tideworks is providing its managed EDI service, known as EDI PorterSM. The IT infrastructure supporting the TOS is hosted at Tideworks’ hardened data centre.

Tideworks has offered a SaaS option for many years and recently branded this offering as Citadel MC. “Customers who choose this option benefit from no upfront IT capital expenditure, typically quicker startup times, and a known total cost of ownership,” Tideworks stated.

“We are thrilled to have our TOS fully operational at New Orleans Terminal,” said Michael Schwank, president of Tideworks. “They have been a pleasure to work with, and we’re very proud of the result. We look forward to our continued partnership with Ceres.”

Montreal terminal operator has gone live with Navis N4 at its Maisonneuve and Viau terminals.

Termont Montréal Inc has gone live with release 2.6 of the Navis N4 TOS at both terminals as part of a project to expand terminal productivity and improve efficiency.

Termont has been operating the Maisonneuve terminal for over 25 years.

Viau is a new terminal being set up by Termont Montréal Inc, a company owned by Terminal Termont (itself a partnership between Logistec Stevedoring and Cerescorp) and Cortelina International Corp. Ltd, with an initial capacity of 600,000 TEU per year. It is 1.5km from Termont’s Maisonneuve terminal.

“Termont is currently expanding its operations to efficiently handle well over one million TEUs of container traffic and accommodate customer growth,” said Julien Dubreuil, General Manager of Termont Montréal Inc. “Our project team worked closely with Navis to optimize our terminal operating system and support our increased automation requirements. We have been working on these upgrades for about a year and are proud that the implementation has been delivered on budget.”

Termont currently handles more than 500,000 TEUs annually using STS cranes, RTGs, and front-end loaders.

N4 replaces Navis SPARCS and an in-house system.

“Navis is excited to partner with Termont to optimize terminal operations during this high-growth period for the Port of Montréal,” said Chuck Schneider, VP and General Manager Americas with Navis. “The TOS is vital to the management and development of terminal productivity, and Navis plans to continue working closely with Termont during its expansion.”

2017 will see the launch of a new organisation for companies involved in container resale, conversion and innovation: the Container Traders’ and Innovators’ Association

With over 2M containers entering the secondary market annually, CTIA’s aim is to provide its members with the platform, resources and forums to:

  • Promote the professionalism and value of the resale sector
  • Exchange industry best practice
  • Develop initiatives and innovations
  • Aid compliance and engage with safety, regulatory and environmental agencies
  • Provide technical support
  • Organise conferences and networking events

Membership of the association will be open to any company involved in selling, buying, trading containers for the secondary market, or involved in container conversion and innovation.

The CTIA’s membership profile is:

  • Container traders and resellers
  • Shipping lines, leasing companies and transport/intermodal operators: who are selling their containers into the secondary market
  • Container innovators: Recognising the rapidly expanding use of shipping containers for an ever-growing range of modular building applications.

CTIA offers architects, designers and constructors a forum to share innovative concepts for housing, hotels, restaurants, offices and other temporary facilities.

CTIA will be introduced at the Intermodal Europe event taking place in Rotterdam this November (15th-17th November).

China’s economy and its trading/logistics environment are going through a period of change that looks set to continue.

This year has been notable for the considerable changes that have taken place in China’s shipping, ports and logistics sectors, and there is more to come as companies prepare themselves for the country’s ‘new normal’ economic and trading environment.

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